Health and fitness. Teamwork and togetherness. Dreaming big dreams. Sharing our gifts.

The Romp Family Wind in the Face Presentation

On April 1, 1999, The Romp Family set off on a 4500-mile bicycle tour from Vermont to Alaska. Billy, 46, Patti, 43, Ellie, 11, and Henry, 7, rode on a single bike-a huge quad, or bicycle built for four, with a trailer for Timmy, 3.

On our journey, we were profiled on 24 local television news shows, and we appeared in more than 50 newspapers. NPR's "All Things Considered", CBS News Tonight, The Travel Channel's "American Journeys", and People Magazine all provided national coverage.

Some six months and 4500 miles later, we dipped our front tire in the Pacific at Homer, Alaska, and achieved our goal. Across America, the places we visited, the people we met, and the experiences we had formed the education of a lifetime.

We are eager to share those experiences and more in a lively presentation that combines our inspirational story, information about how we learn, and lessons from the road. Our presentation emphasizes the values of Health and Fitness, Teamwork and Togetherness, Dreaming Big Dreams, and Sharing Your Gifts, in programs for K-2, 3-up, and adults.

Social Studies, Geography, Health, History, and Language Studies are just a few of the subjects that our presentation will enhance. We bring our bike, our gear, some slides, a video, and our passion for learning to your classroom or assembly hall for a memorable show.

We will be happy to put you in touch with organizations that have enjoyed our presentations.

We charge $450 for one presentation, $650 for multiple presentations on the same day. This price includes all expenses.

When it's possible, we are happy to accommodate schools whose budgets are smaller, especially if we are in your area already. Please call and let us know your needs.

Billy Romp is the author, with Wanda Urbanska, of "Christmas on Jane Street", the heartwarming true story of a girl named Ellie, her Father, and the meaning of Christmas.


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